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So… who are these ‘moles’ and what do we do?

October 21, 2007

Here’s a video to keep you up to speed about the new twist in the BBA house: Vote over at the official Big Brother Africa website. Remember voting closes this Tuesday, 23rd, so make sure you’ve voted for your favourite two! Also leave me a comment and let me know who think will go into […]

Mole 7 : Victor (Zimbabwe)

October 21, 2007

Click here to vote him INTO the house.

Eviction 10: ‘Daddy-to-be’ has left the building…

October 21, 2007

What a show! What a shocker! So many things rolled into one hour – I dunno where to start… First off let me just say that I knew Richard wasn’t leaving. As much as Africa loves to complain about how abusive, adulterous, jealous and ‘whatever else’ he is, they still love him enough to keep […]

Justice : Loser turns expert

October 18, 2007

Article from a Botswana paper about their much loved BBA representative, Justice Mothabane (lol!): [click article for larger view] robza171

Lights, Camera, Action!

October 15, 2007

From the Namibian, by Natasha Uys: THANKS to the avid BBA viewer who suggested the BBTV task. It was immensely entertaining and had me laughing out loud more than a few times. After a week filled with competing egos and creative differences, the broadcast on Thursday evening was truly a success! It began with a […]

Eviction 9: The Last Untouchable Falls

October 14, 2007

Thank goodness and good riddance Kwaku. Your exit was long overdue. I still say Meryl should’ve been in the house instead of you or any of your other original ‘untouchable’ buddies. At least he didn’t irritate me as much as Bertha did during her interview or embarrass himself any more than he did in the […]

Eviction 8: Bertha slithers out of BBA house

October 8, 2007

Another one bites the dust! What a night, what an outcome! I mean who thought that Bertha was as equally hated across Africa as Maxwell was – 12 out of 13 votes! Damn! I’m not surprised though, the girl changed like a chameleon overnight from Jesus Girl to Satan’s Ho in the house. A strategy […]

Code is HoH for the 1st time

October 5, 2007

Code became the new Head of House after almost guessing the correct time in the task. He was only 5 minutes off. A pretty random task on Biggie’s part, which I like, seeing that it doesn’t disadvantage those housemates who are less intelligent than others or those who are physically challenged. With either Bertha or […]

Big Brothel : Season One

October 4, 2007

  So we’re past the halfway mark in this season of Big Brother Africa, and I must say it has been one of the most interesting installments produced by M-Net/Endemol yet. At the beginning, I believed that the housemates this year wouldn’t compare to those of BBA1, but as the weeks went on – I […]

Nominations 7: Bertha vs. Kwaku

October 1, 2007

Oh yes, the ‘Untouchables’ get touched yet again! We all saw it coming, no one can honestly say that they didn’t believe that either of these two would be nominated. Despite Big Brother being a tad predictable these days, I must say that I’m enjoying how each of these cockroaches are being exterminated one by […]

Eviction 7: Lerato – Bye Bye Baybee!

September 30, 2007

[I’m finally back and I apologize for just disappearing like that. My phone line was affected by the lightning we’ve been having and it only got fixed today. However, here’s some articles I’d written] So it was between Bertha and Lerato to get the boot tonight and THANK GOODNESS it was Ms. Lerato Sengadi! This […]

BBA News Crawl

September 30, 2007

Appeared in the Botswana paper, Sunday Standard. [click image to enlarge] Title: AU should stop Big Brother’s Horror Hour robza171

Richard is new Head of House

September 28, 2007

This afternoon Big Brother instructed Housemates to shoot basketballs into a hoop to determine who the new Head of House will be. Each Housemate was given five minutes to throw the balls through the hoop. The Housemate who puts the most balls through the hoop, within the time limit, will win the esteemed position. Things […]

Penthouse Prisoners

September 25, 2007

So Ofunneka and Kwaku have been in the penthouse for two days now, not counting Sunday evening, and it’s turned out better than expected, thus far, for me anyway. As they have mentioned on numerous occasions in their diary sessions, Ofunneka and Kwaku have nothing against each other and they’re from the same part of […]

Nominations 6: Lerato vs. Bertha

September 24, 2007

What a sh-HO-down! THE best head-to-head we’ve had since Jeff vs. Justice. Surely, BFF’s Lerato and Bertha saw it coming with their four measly votes against eight. They luckily managed to escape last week due to the twist, but the public knew that sooner rather than later these two conniving sisters a.k.a ugly stepsisters (Ofunneka […]