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Big Brother Africa II House Tour

House plan [click to enlarge]:


House areas:

5 Responses to “Big Brother Africa II House Tour”

  1. Hello Ghanaian participant, we are all here with prayers and hope you tae Ghana to the skies just as Sammy did though he was not the winner.

    Big ups man.

  2. Spendid envornment for u CODE to acclamatise and shake the house as You do in your talents to amaze all housemates about your humour.

  3. The big brother house is more of great holiday resort

  4. Man for me I think we are in the DAYS OF THE 666 I’ve been following this but it’s all violeting our African cultures and actually you’ve been following my coments which are so negative to the way you expose your cameras to the house mates with out respecting their privacy mostlly the girls if the devil is trying to use computers to conjest people’s minds with dirt we are ready to use the same weapon to save our people from going to Hell however,the house physically looks ok but spiritually I can’t tell how it looks.thnk about it MAFIAS ARE RICH eh.

  5. All the remaining house mates are bit da ok. except ma african brother Rich whom i felt pitt for him back home, will he find his lovery wife waiting for him? if i could you bro , i will take the same roots with the angolanian chick ,man, so, that at least i could have some one to lean ma shoulder with.

    the host nation chick is out now shall ,berth , been able to keep her territory alive or it is all over now go ,girl ofunneka show her your strong personality , beside her relia on somenoe else.

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