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They made their voices heard and now African fans of M-Net’s blockbuster Big Brother Africa can get set for an all-new season 3!

In one of the biggest announcements that the African television operator will make in 2008, M-Net has begun calling for entries for an unprecedented third season of its reality super-series.

With the highlights, drama and excitement of season 2 still fresh in the minds of DStv audiences across the continent, and driven by its phenomenal success, M-Net has moved quickly to begin work on BIG BROTHER AFRICA 3.

“Audiences clearly demonstrated their involvement with Big Brother Africa 2 by voting, texting the show’s dedicated channel, and downloading video clips,” says Joseph Hundah: M-Net Director of Operations for sub-Saharan Africa.

“With over 900 000 SMS messages received, over 14 million page impressions registered on the show website and over 4 million video clips viewed online, the incredible demand for Big Brother Africa 2 has motivated M-Net to create a third season.”

His comments are echoed by M-Net Director of Original Productions Carl Fischer who says, “Reality TV has proven its appeal with audiences around the world and in Big Brother Africa, M-Net has found an ultra-popular format that crosses boundaries with ease, that entertains broadly across age and gender groupings, and that audiences have shown an unwavering appetite for.”

Now, with BIG BROTHER AFRICA 3 set to launch on Sunday August 24, just hours after the 2008 Olympic Games ends, DStv audiences are in line to receive an extravaganza of great programming.

After 16 days of world-class sporting action, viewers can tune in for 91 days of BIG BROTHER AFRICA action with the Finale scheduled for Sunday November 23.

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That’s right! I just saw an ad on Series channel (channel 104) on DStv and Big Brother Africa is returning for its 3rd season THIS YEAR! Can’t tell you how I happy I am that my favourite reality show is back and I have something to look forward to! Oh and something to blog about! With a new BBA comes a new blog – so look out for that coming as well!

So anywayz, with that great news a lot of people are probably wondering if the presenter will be the same, what the house’s decor is gonna look like this time around and who the new housemates are gonna be…. Well, entries are open till 30th April so there’s still time to be a part of those lucky 12 or 14 or even 16 housemates! Word is that there are gonna be more than 12 housemates this year and more twists (better prepared of course) than last season. The show is likely to start around August as did last year’s show…


Richard has finally updated his website with some fresh news regarding his new movie “Playa No.1” and renewing his wedding vows…

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New pics of Tati:
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The 3 posts below are from Tatiana’s official newsletter…

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Birthday congratulations are in order for BANG MAGAZINE who will be celebrating their 5th Birthday in April.

The intelligent people at Bang chose no other but our very own African queen to cover the most important issue of the year.

The BANG exclusive interview with Tatiana is the most recent interview Tatiana has done and the first official interview in a Tanzanian publication. Tatiana talks about life outside the house, work and her future plans and exciting projects in the interview.

The magazine also features never seen exclusive photos of Tatiana, recently shot in Angola for BANG MAGAZINE. What a great way to celebrate your birthday BANG.

Get your copy of the April/May issue of Bang with Tatiana on the cover from the 3rd April 2008. If you are not a Tanzanian resident and you would like a copy or more information visit:






President of the Republic of Zambia

Tatiana’s popularity continues to spread all over Africa. Recently Tatiana met H.E. LEVY P. MWANAWASA President of the Republic of Zambia on the request of his beautiful young daughter. At such short notice Tatiana who was busy filming her TV show at the time headed to a state dinner party where Angolan officials were hosting the president and his family. She posed for pictures with the family and signed autographs for the president’s daughter who was elated to meet Tatiana. After the brief meeting Tatiana was personally invited to Zambia for a state tour of the country. Zambian fans look out for news on the tour in the immediate future.




To all my fans I am sorry that I have been quiet. Unfortunately I was held up twice and my laptop was stolen. I am OK but I miss you guys so much. Thank you again for your ongoing support and I look forward to speaking to you guys soon on Oboma & keeping you updated on Word Press. I love you guys


After her prestigious win at the fantastic Angolan entertainment awards our gal Tatiana has been making big developments in the entertainment industry in Angola and outside. Tatiana continues to work hard on her TV talk show which she is busy filming every week.


Tatiana continues to be a popular model in Angola and the Portuguese community by the time you read this she will be in Portugal, where she will be modeling in a prestigious fashion show in Lisbon. Look out for photos of her in Lisbon in the next news letter. Tatiana will also be doing a photoshoot for FHM South Africa and she will appear on the cover of that edition as well.


Our beautiful African Queen will also be jetting off to London from Lisbon. Tatiana will be landing in London early April to work on a very secret project.


Her trip to London will double as a short holiday break, but Tatiana will be very busy with photo shoots and meetings with modeling agencies in London.

Tatiana will also be touring Tanzania very soon.


Tatiana thanks all her wonderful fans that have been very influential and active in organizing her webby. She is very excited about the website, another project that she will be busy working on whilst in London. A photo shoot has been organized to shoot new pictures specifically for the webby. Tatiana will be very involved in the design of the website bringing that special personal touch that her loyal fans want to see.
It’s Queen Tati’s Birthday today and you can leave all your birthday wishes for her under this post… Also, seeing that it is a special day for Tatiana, I will be posting some news on her as well as new pics.
So stay with UFW…
By: Dolphin
About a year ago, a young woman, after completing her university degree and doing the normal student things, was offered a job as PA to a professor at a clinic in Lagos, Nigeria.
Ofunneka Molokwu did the normal 9-to-5 thing most of us do. Get up in the morning, shower, get dressed, go to work, then back home, sleep and, at the end of the month, receive a salary big enough to pay for her immediate needs. Not enough to be called rich or particularly well off, but she was happy and content and her boss was extremely impressed with her. Tasks given to her were always handed in on time even if this meant that she had to take work home. She did it with a smile and after a short period of time she was nominated as the Employee of the Month.
Then one day, Ofunneka took stock of her life and realized that she wanted more, she wanted to spread her wings and fly. However, if opportunities wouldn’t come knocking on her door, she realised that she would have to take charge of the knocking herself! She saw the advertisement for the BBAII reality show and without hesitation forwarded her application to the interview panel.On 7 August 2007, Ofunneka Molokwu walked into our lives, when, as the Nigerian representative, she joined 11 other housemates from all over Africa in the famous Big Brother house in Jozi, South Africa.
For a period of three months, Ofu, or Foxy as Tatiana renamed her, rocked the house. She was never afraid; she did her “do’s” her way. How many times did we watch Ofunneka shower in the wee hours of the morning when all the other housemates were asleep? She loved the discussions, she loved reading and she loved to dance. Although she was quiet and withdrawn at first, she quickly established her position in the house and we all started to take notice of her.
On 13 November 2007, Ofunneka walked out of the house – looking stunning and sexy – dressed in a purple outfit that fitted her body like a glove. In a nail-biting finale, she became the first runner-up of one of the best Big Brother shows ever screened on international television.
And when the hype and the interviews and all that were over and Ofunneka returned home, what happened then? I asked her to give me a description of a typical day in the life of the BBAII runner-up.

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On entering their Mandala Flat, the feeling of a newborn are clear: clean nappies and other clothes to keep the baby warm are neatly piled on a table. As we make our entrance, the baby’s grandmother sprawls on a basket chair. She says hello as we enter, and apparently she knows the purpose of our visit, and she can’t hide the smile on her face when she says: “I am happy to be a grandmother.”

–Article by Jack McBrams–

Happy she was. But, if you could measure joy, her son-in-law Malawi representative at the Big Brother House Africa Code Sangala, smiling all the while, is over the moon with the birth of his first-born daughter with Juna.

Born at Mwaiwathu’s Mphatso Ward in the afternoon of March 12 and christened Jada Cathrina Sangala, the newly-born is, for Code, the greatest gift he ever got.

“It feels great. I don’t remember ever feeling so great. We have a new circle, a great inspiration for me. This is another level for me since Jada’s birth calls me to be more responsible as a father,” says Code, clad in a Khalidwe wear outfit labelled Code at the back, a pair of jeans and seems relaxed with his barefeet.

It is an open secret among Malawians and other African cultures that men expect their first born to be a son.

What was on Code’s mind?
“As a man, you think of a son as the first born. Being Malawian I had the same thoughts, but all that changed when I looked into the eyes of my baby girl for the first time. I saw in her eyes an inner glow and, instantly, we felt spiritually connected. The fact that she is a girl is even more precious,” said Code.

Code, spent 77 days as a BBA housemate to walk into the Malawi and African fame hallway, has since talked on the phone with fellow housemates Richard of Tanzania and Ofunneka of Nigeria. He has also had an e-mail from Bertha of Zimbabwe. All of them, he said, were excited with Code’s becoming a father.

What about Maureen?
“Not yet. Eventually, I will have to get in touch with each of the housemates, including Maureen. This is the genesis of the next level. Life was good, but now it’s better,” says Code.

Talking about his mother’s reaction, Code laughed heartily, before saying: “She was very happy. In fact she noted Jada has the Sangala nose signature.”

Reclined on a basket chair, Juna says she is looking at being a mother on a day-to-day basis.
“The first hours were unreal, I had to adjust a lot, the concept of being a mum was always running in my head. By and by, she turns out to be a sleepy girl, which is very good,” says the 24 year-old.
She denies that Jada is bridging two cultures: with Code, a Malawian on the one hand, and herself a Dutch on the other: “No! It’s not a bridge, we are already tight. It’s just the same as a Malawian from the North would marry another Malawian from the South: there may be some cultural differences, but the bond is there. We look forward to giving Jada the best of education and we would love her to grow into an open-minded person, with respect for the cultures of the world. We want to see her eat nsima in the remotest village of Malawi one day, and eating in an expensive hotel in America or Europe the next day.”

Code agreed: “She would have to appreciate the best of the two worlds.”

For Juna’s mother Cathrina, after whom Code gave Jada the middle name, the baby is a blessing. Being a girl, she is another jewel in the crown of her belief for girl power.
“All of my six children are girls. In our lineage, Jada completes five generations of women, since both my grandmother and mother are still alive. She is my first grandchild and I hope she grows into a multi-cultural world,” said Cathrina, who urged all people to support boys and girls equally.



Here’s the first *EXCLUSIVE* pic of proud papa and proud mama Code and Juna and their beautiful daughter Jada Cathrina Mfumukazi Sangala.
Isn’t she just the cutest little thing!
Jada’s doing well and is healthy but currently under heavy guard from the public…
Code has spoken to Richie and Ofunneka since the baby’s birth and they are excited about him becoming a father…
Bertha has also congratulated Code and Juna on their bundle of joy.
Code’s mother is a very proud grandma…


17 is your One Stop Shop

Hey guys…. This is being posted rather late, but I had to let you know that Juna gave birth to a baby girl last week Thursday!!!! Wednesday!!!! CONGRATS to Code and Juna! I will be getting some pics soon to show everyone..



This is for those people who are bitching about the interview about Tati below being too ‘old’…

This isn’t much news, but it is something – and hopefully it will take away what appears to be withdrawal symptoms.

She is doing very well with her talk show. She is going to Lisbon, Tanzania, Uganda and London next month. She has started with her look-a-like doll and the prototype is in the making in Cape Town. The first cast is done …

That’s all I have for now… More soon!

Bertha is featured in the April issue of True Love magazine on page 100 – the South African edition… If anyone can get their hands on a copy of the mag and make some scans for us or provide us with any info, it would be much appreciated…