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Big Brother Africa II Uncut


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187 Responses to “Big Brother Africa II Uncut”


  2. hey, i later on saw so much pics.Nice job blog owner .keep it up.

  3. Now this is what am talkng about. Please keep them coming. way to go

  4. please add some big d**ks from the guys.. i only see the butts.. COME ONNNN nudity is more than an ass!

  5. Hi Kim.

    What you see above is a summary of what the past 3 days of shower hour have been. I’ve posted the best pics here. It’s up to the guys to be ‘open’ in front of the camera…

  6. I can feel you robza171. You don’t give what you don’t have. Its a popular saying. I believe with time,Kim will have more than a ‘eyeful’

  7. I wanne c the guy from Ghana naked.

  8. Hey Men this is serious and wonderful. Am just laoving it and keep it up……….Am waiting to see who is the cheat in the house and who will have Lerato and Tatiana….They are hot. They should meet the guys with the lo……….ng D******kS.

  9. Its pritty nice show. The Lady LERATO is pritty and the like of every man, but she should try and hide those nudity a little. She shld drink less too.

  10. man i can’t believe this. feed us to more any way…

  11. they showed richard full frontal at like 2am this morning he was chnaging on the infa-red !!

  12. mh u gals r beautful

  13. We in Nigeria(even though we don’t want to draw hasty conclusion)have this great feeling that BBA2 is trying to ‘undo’ Nigeria.With the loads of beautiful/handsome and social girls/boys that went for the auditioning from Nigeria,Ofunneka(no disrespect to her) was chosen.She doesn’t mix properly with other house mates. She might be booted out within the first 3 evictions.This is not our style.For God’s sake we are the most populous black nation in the WORLD,and the GIANT of AFRICA. We are blessed with talents both in beauty and brains. BBA2,you guys are up to something.Africa and indeed the whole world is watching.

  14. maxiwell we like it that way and osaibala kuaonesa za ku zambia.

  15. keep the mellow moods.missing ur station here

  16. hey man u are doing it but dont drink too much


  18. Their nudity is quite apalling and disgusting. Is that the true picture of an african woman. What a mess to Womanhood.

  19. This is just the bomb..Keep up bro!!!!!

  20. Dickson, go and hang, i reckon you have seen enough of the African woman in your mother? and didn’t she tell to appreciate the woman’s body you jackass??

    Bro, keep these pieces of meryl’s jugs coming.They are way to much.

    sois sage!!

  21. Hey this is great. Thanks for sharing. Please include the male nudity as well.

  22. go ahead brother jeff..after seeing those hot pics i urge you to hammer those girls bru, start with merryl..if you miss the money dont miss the goodies..nice pic

  23. man i think u r doing a very great job keep it coming we want more of those pic man

  24. please we want more videos of the bonkmates especially the ghanian and the south african

  25. This is a great job. Keep it up. Merrly is the girl of nudity award. She’s yet to bend down and wash her ppeeeee

  26. BBA help my gal meryl get into web site. good for a dish on a friday nigthout


  28. dis is really cool.

  29. I wanna c MERLY bare it all, c’mon ! she’s a fit bird.

  30. The ugandan gal rocks.she is the most beautiful in the house.

  31. i think the zim one is preetier and intelligent

  32. Did you catch the Richard frontal scene? If so, can you post? I don’t have access to the show.

  33. Hi Michelle,

    Sorry, but I was not able to capture the scene. Perhaps someone out there can help the ladies by posting some pics or a vid if possible?

  34. maureen is still studying the environment.Give her time.

  35. Tatiana, you really did a great job yesterday just keep it at the same level then you will win the money.

  36. SHOW MORE PCS PLEASE are nice!!

  37. hi guys thanks 4 the pics. big up maureen

  38. maureen keep going sweetie.

  39. i wanna see dat fat lady naked.keep it coming.big up.

  40. hey can we pliz hav more zoomed in pics of all the ladies not just 2 of them.i think bertha is the coollest. she isn’t too much and isn’t boring

  41. Tatiana. You get all the tools to win this game. you’re a very kind person, have nice body and very beautiful. So keep up doing well and you will win the money.

  42. South Africans and indeed the whole of BBA2 crew are really cruel to Nigeria. Of all the beautiful brains that went for the auditioning from Nigeria, you choosed this dull 30something yr old woman to represent Nigeria.THIS IS UNFAIR.

  43. Or are they scared of our winning it?Then why select a dull woman to rep us. Only time will tell,the whole world is watching and the truth shall surely be revealed if not now,later.

  44. Get your facts right, contestants are chosen in their own countries and by their own country men, they only go to South Africa for medical tests so please don’t be putting the blame on South Africa.

  45. Patsy, its u that needs to check ur records properly.Each of the 12 contestants were not the only ones from their country.Never.each country sends out different people for auditioning and the supposedly best 12 are chosen with one from each country by the BBA2 crew which in this case are South africans(the organizers).Please bog owner and others clarify.

  46. Moreso,for your information Patsy,Nigeria can do better than this.The whole world knows.At the risk of been bared, i repeat that SOUTH AFRICAi s playing games not wanting Nigeria to go far.

  47. Even at the last BBA (dunno if u were old enough then to watch and understand) our rep (Bayo) did us proud from day 1 even if he did not win it. That’s why we are saying,Ofunneka was purposely chosen after the auditioning so that Nigeria will fail. The world is watching.

  48. Damn!! i love em picx!!…Hot n Dirty!! keep em camin thru……Diz iz Naz from Ghana-Accra. One!!

  49. Speaking of uncut – are all the male housemates cut or uncut?
    I cannot see to clearly from the videos. Damn!

  50. Thanks, man for adding more vids of the guys. Whassup with the hands in front of the crotch area? I didn’t realize that African men were so shy with their bodies.

  51. jeez..this is porn, i tell you.!purely unAfrican

  52. Hey no more pictures.It suddenly ceased.

  53. Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. Have been busy. Will try my best to have something up for you later today… 🙂

  54. That will be highly appreaciated ’cause we are missing too much

  55. Wha- a al put more pictures but where are other housemates especially ladies.

  56. robza171 is it not possible to get a pic of Bertha in the shower?

  57. Nice pics. I have two (2) questions for you guys. Who did the selection for Nigeria? Was it a South African or Nigerian? Finally, was Lerato sent to eliminate the Nigerian choice? I believe so cos she is the only one attacking Ofunneka. Lerato is scared of Ofunneka. She just said in the diary room few minutes ago that Ofunneka uses herbs she might feel is voodoo. That is unacceptable and I want us all to vote her out. Lerato is a cheap looser and we must vote her out.

  58. Lerato is very ignorant. She has never seen Black Soap made from local herbs before. She is accusing Ofunneka of using Voodoo in the house. She also claims that Ofunneka’s performance in the talent show was voodoo. My friends, why is she trying so hard to bring Ofunneka down? Please guys, lets vote Lerato out!

  59. Padipa, I agree with you entirely, BBA2 is making efforts to see that Ofunneka does not last in the house. The first mistake BBA2 did was the selection of Ofunneka which does not portray Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world and I assure you that BBA2 chose the wrong person intentionally.

  60. Thank you Cosa Nostra. I have been the lone voice shouting since.To answer ur questions,Nigeria like every other country,sent more than 1 representative for auditioning in South Africa.One house mate was chosen in South Africa,by South Africans who are the host of BBA2. Since the show kicked off,Lerato has never hidden her dislike for Ofunneka.Thats why i said if she(lerato) becomes the Head of House,she will immediately replace Ofu with a nominated house mate.What Lerato just said about the voodoo stuff shouldn’t be allowed.She should be cautioned.

  61. Ofunneka attracted all these vituperations on herself when she opted to represent Nigeria,when she knew she lacks the qualities of true Nigerian Woman.

    I will not be surpried if she leaves the house earlier than expected. BBA typifies nudity,no new lessons learnt. Your ability to frolick in the House at random,gives an edge over every other person. No wonder money they say is the root of all evil. Welcome Ofunneka in advance. PHHHHhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiooooooo

  62. Hey, did u say biggie has put new camera angles into shower hour?Nice so what are u waiting for,UPLOAD. ALL WE ARE SAYING, GIVE US BERTHA IN THE SHOWER.

  63. Well I think this Big Brother Show is very interesting and would like it if the nude pics are taken out. What are we teaching these young ones, are we selling our pride as Africans by exposing ourselves? Please do something about these nude shots.

    Otherwise the concept of this program will change from educating and integration to promoting pornography and sexual relationship among the various countries. Give this msg a second thought.

    Thanks BIG BROTHER

  64. hi tati, we love u, yo’re maximum! Angola are with u… by Helder

  65. You bloody goons 4rm Nigeria, could you just shut up & show some luv to yo witch!!

    She may not be hot as you may want her to be, but certainly she portrays the Nigerian woman of Voodoo!!

    You wonder hw she got into the house if she did not use juju, yet you thugs claim that there are better looking sistas & brodas in Nigeria!!
    So stop moaning & keep it going for her…….

  66. Omedi, you are too harsh!Try and be friendly and decorous at least.

  67. Guys,
    I believe Ofuneka for some days now have shown herself worthy of still being retained in the house.She might not be too beautiful but at least she is mature .Let us give her our full support.I believe this show is not about talking without brake or displaying or flinging around your private stuffs,it’s about leadership and relationship with other fellows.

  68. Greetings Sunday.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Big Brother. However, these NUDE pictures are going nowhere! If you can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen! And another thing, what do mean “what are we teaching these young ones”? “Young ones” shouldn’t be watching the damn show in the first place! It has a 16 rating at that age, kids have relatively matured.

    [This is NOT an official Big Brother blog!]

  69. omedi,i can see u are very dumb.Anyway waht do i expect from a Ugandan,absolutely nothing meaningful.Can u compare ur backward country to Nigeria?The whole world knows we are miles apart.My country and our people are far too expose than ur primitive country and her people.Go anywhere in the world and mention the 2 countries ,i tell u some people have not heard of the word “Uganda”.Do u have anyone that has carve a nince for himself/herself in any sphere in life from ur country?We have countless.Thats why Idi Amin was able to kill u people without anyone saying anything.PRIMITIVE people.

  70. Hi. Thanks for posting just good vid caps. Please continue to post the guys. It’s been a min since we had an update. Also, the pic of Lerato during the confession is hot. Do you have the video caps from the that?

  71. whats porn about the stuff, seeing is not touching, even when you touch a good one you’ll always wanna touch, whats there, think the cash involved is a small one, from 100,000.$, to subscription, to sms and time , e no easy, bare it all common Biggie.

  72. Excellent, thanks for the shower scenes. I just returned from 3 weeks in Uganda and got hooked but was never up early enough to catch the showers. I will stay tuned for more, and better pics, and hopefully some of Max as well!


  73. Kierian, you sound quite crass! sorry, 4rm yo mail, i deduced that you aint very comfortable with english, bt crass literally means being stupid.

    The whole world to knows that Ofunnekka is Nigeria’s best, who the hell r u to have a dig at her, you mongolian cabbage!!

    Abt Amin, can we assume that Abacha was able to loot Nigeria of it’s Millions to Switzerland because Nigerians are primitive and could not figure out that the guy was undoing them!

    Should we as well assume that, Nigerians are barbaric! because, during IBRAHIM’s presidency, he killed many of them, including his right hand generals, were they as crass as you are!

    In forums like these Kierian, never get emotional, because you will never know who you are up with, according to your post, you sound like an “air head” and your argument is a no brainer.

    I have been to school with Nigerians and they can put up an argument with out getting emotional and quoting circumstantial authority like you!!

    You sound stuck in with the Igbo culture, but with time, you will style up, i know you will my guy.

    The irony is, society will never be complete without jackasses like you, but we the lucid, are duty bound to see you through!!!

    cheers Oga!!


  74. Hey u Nigerians the only thing that u are known 4 everywhere on earth is being a bunch of conmen. U can’t compare ur ugly big mouth gals 2 da beautiful Ugandan babes.U need 2 style up brodas. No wonder ur bad accent will never go away. Shame on U.

  75. Gosh,Kierian why put up an argument with these dumb Ugandans?The so-called Omedi who thinks he/she speaks better english should read his/her post over and over again.Better engish my fair ass.we might be known to be con men,Abacha and Ibrahim ?(God knows where Omedi got this President from) might have been bad leaders but thats not what we are talking about. NIGERIA is way too much than BACKWARD UGANDA.Afterall,i followed all arguments above and the rude,lack of good home training Omedi started by calling Nigerians bloody pple.In the real sense,Uganda is no where near Nigeria.

  76. Arrogant Omedi,
    I can deduce from your write up that you are a teenager that loves reading the dictionary like most teens do.Keep it up kid.But one advice,also read a lot of History books and try to be inquisitive by finding out from your parents things about the countries in Africa.They will feed you in more about Uganda and the GIANT of AFRICA (NIGERIA).They won’t lie(I hope so).Except they want to say the economy and the people of of Niger Repubic(Uganda) are better than those of England(Nigeria).
    Have a lovely day KID and do your home work very well.

  77. Hi Kids (Omedi and Mwats),
    I shouldn’t be doing this but its good to help less knowledgeable people sometimes.I’ve got an assignment for u guys.Google “Uganda” the first sentence there says “Uganda is one of the world poorest countries.Hunger,it went further to say,is inevitable.Donate and help”.The wikipedia section says “Idi Amin killed 300,000(300,000 ?,wow)Ugandans”.What a country to come from or live in.And hey,you have a president since 1986(21 yrs)in this present democratic age?.Igbo culture, like u said,is sure better than your dictatorial Kakwa culture.Think Kids.One more advice,look for what to eat.i believe you are suffering from starvation.Sorry kids.

  78. We need to see more pics.Maxwell and jeff are not being showed.whats happening?

  79. Hey Kierian, i have been quite busy, but, we can always pick it up!!

    Now, you called me a teenager, i do care less if you are an old hag, but there is a philosophy in life that man never stops learning, Kierian, you could be an old timer like you insinuate in your post, but you can always learn a few things, never get emotional in a forum of strange people, that is quite suicidal, all you have to do is put up conclusive info rather than your inconsequential arguments that you are putting up.

    I read a book 3 yrs ago, it highlighted something
    about “Frustration tolerance”, what happens here is that, when one fails to argue out something, he gets personal, frustrated,(that’s you Kierian) and then when the person he is arguing with goes on to breakdown info, he wishes to go on despite his ignorance, he tolerates everything, hence “frustration tolerance”, now, that is quite convetional and Kierian, irrespective of your age, you can do better than that.I promised to see you through your barbarism and am not going against my word.

    By the way Kierian, you are not a moron as you think you are, but only orthodox, am sure you will steer clear of it by the time we end our arguments.

    Terry, am not up against the whole of Nigeria, but with a few lumpens who feel their sisters and mothers could have represented Nigeria @BBA better than Ofunneka.At the look of things, you are one of the idiots who feel Ofunneka is ugly and she doesnot represent Nigeria, ok, lets she is representing Niger.

    Cuz i believe there was a vetting process the continent over and she beat her fellow contestants.

    Terry, you sound like you are from the projects, now, what happens in a modern world is that, before one gets jibberish with his fair ass as you allege, he /she needs to get the backdrop of the argument, you thought you were helping Kierian, but this aint a scramble for oil where you bastards butcher and torch yourselves in the Niger Delta, thats what you call modernity you imbecile , but rather, a jogging of the minds, your entry into our argument goes on to show me that you are a Junta.

    I never thought you are that naive, so you checked Uganda out, sounds interesting b’se it got your weak brain reeling as you get to know the world.

    Nigeria has a popn of 144m and Uganda has 31m as of June ’07.
    Now, you do not have to be an Economist like me or need to
    employ a stochastic analysis to figure out that, one of the major benchmarks to growth and development is the population that provides the markets for the goods and services produced and henceforth drive the economy, “man never stops learning” Terry, put that at the back of your mind, before betting your fair sorry ass in future, i bet next time we will be trekking the same avenues with that insight.

    cheers big lads!!

  80. Hi Kid(Omedi),
    “Frustration tolerance,babarism,moron,lumpens,Jibberish,Stochastic,Junta,imbecile,Orthodox. what words to come from a little boy.You really did lots of research.I hope apart from reading the dictionary,you find time to do your school work and help your parents at home?.As for me this is my last talk on this matter.However my 16yrold nephew begged me to allow him into this crossfire with you.(Guess u both are mates).Am still considering giving it a shot.One last question for you:How come you copied only insulting words from the dictionary?Ok kid,co’mon lets enjoy BBA.Like i promised,this is this last from me here,let others have good space to air their reasonable(Not abusive)views.Bye kid

  81. Oh Terry, you are such an old hag, i like your bitchy antics, (now, that is nothing personal), lemme know something, did we actually have a matter btn me & you to talk about! wonder what took you so long to figure out that you had nothing to put accross.

    Well, i hope btn juggling your witch craft job and conning people, you fix some time for your kids, word from “a man to a man”, the last thing you would want is, having kids following in your footsteps of putting up in the projects.

    Am so dis appointed in you that, you do not know that Ibrahim Babangida was once your president, (talk about cleaning your neighbours h’se b4 cleaning yours), yet you were busy telling me abt Amin, what kind of father are to your kids with that sort of ignorance? i reckon you never forgot to tell them about your yoruba background, lol

    Am impressed that i have made a change in your sorry world, with those words, actually those words aint abusive, but depending on where you grew up from, (Abia state 4 you) and where you schooled, of course not all people 4rm Abia are like you, you can cut your perception 4rm that angle.

    Stochastic is in Econometrics, it’s an analytical jurgon, that is, say a random variable or process to deduce something, nothing abusive, old timer.

    Well, Oga, lets enjoy BBA and the premiership, am told GTV is yet to reach your digs! terrible, for me, the gunnners are out of their blocks a bit early this season, and am not complaining.

    Good goings for you ma broda!!

  82. why was maxwell evicted from the house is it becoz we won the football match or maybe people didn”t like him. plse explain to me goodday

  83. want to know why all south africans are aganist zambia and maxwell

  84. Why on earth will someone feel like slapping someone in the house. Bertha must leave the house. She is such a bad looser and feels she is better than the rest. She says the other housemates can’t acknowledge her creativity and intelligence. Such Bullsh*t

  85. Between L and B. L is becoming a saint to me.

  86. Let this be a lesson to other Africans. These so called untouchables were playing with all African intelligence by coming on camera and saying how interesting and intelligent they are compared to the rest. You do not put down people. Bertha the so called born again claims she was off alcohol and she drinks like a fish now and gossips.

  87. Who the hell are all these folks speaking rubbish about Nigeria? If you know nothing shut up! A fool that thinks he knows and knows not that he knows not is a compound fool! Thats for Omedi(UG). You come from the back side of Africa that has no exposure. Ask your president to give me a call and I ll send him some money to change your nation. You speak of Abach and Babangida?! You have Idi Amin that eventually died a pauper in exile, you know nothing about Nigeria all you dead folks are just envious because Nigerians are extremely hardworking and determined people.

    We been through the worst times that no nation can ever cope with, yet we smile in the midst of the hardship and we always emerge to be greater people. We have no confidence in any govt not to talk of the western world yet our confidence in ourselves has put us on the road to prosperity. We have had bad leaders that have stolen billions of dollars yet our nation is still strong and vibrant. We are the wealthiest black nation in the world and if you hate a Nigerian you hate your life.


  88. Omedi,
    You have really done well to show the world your ignorance. You were when you wrote that nobody should get frustrated in a forum like this. Well now you cannot hide your frustration because you are a compound fool. Go help your mum in the kitchen she’s probably cooking some sawdust and elephant poo for your poor sorry asses to feed on today. Bye loser! Never bad of any African nation again you castrated slave

  89. oh tatiana, u got such a wonderful body but your face aint shit.

  90. Neo,

    you sound pretty alien to modern society, whats that bollocks of getting jibberish and stripping yourself of any sort of IQ in you?

    Ideally, you have nothing you are putting across, but you just felt like throwing some hogwash over, whats sawdust? i hope you aint a lumberjack! and elephant poo, how rural you are!

    So, while you are at it next time (hunting elephants for their poo), please, refrain yourself from indulgence into things meant for elders (jogging minds), you poacher!

  91. Peace,

    I cant really make out the person in you, but am impressed you figured out that actually, you were defining yourself, compound literally means multi facets i.e a mixture, a fool is a dupe, a con, deceitful person.

    Thus, a compound fool is a Nigerian in a person like you, you are a compund of a conman, which is known world over for Nigerians, a dupe, because you are poor but you are plucky enough to say my president calls you for money and deceitful, because i can not compare a person who died in exile with a person poisoned like Abacha, who gets a terrible death?

    Anyhow, i like your reasoning of you guys having been through a terrible time when you butchered yourselves, i dunno what can be more barbaric than that and also, all your corruption but you keep standing!

    BTW, I really think you are a nice person, we can start over, lol

  92. like i said before u dont have to watch it if u cant take it! bba’s not d d only channel on ur telly!

  93. Neo nice one there! Terry Big Ups for you two but When you argue with a fool, people from afar cant tell who is who. Terry and Neo stop arguing with this Moron Omedi) before people start to think you are as DAFT as he is.
    Omedi(Ug) I really thought Uganda could be salvaged from the reins of destrction until I saw you cast forth your thoughts(thats if you actually thought of them). While being a conman is a rather uncanny character to be, It takes a degree of genius to become. If you damn P.O.W’s cant produce a single one then I dare say that a derth of intellect in your country,is among the numerous aliments plaguing that wartorn parchment of land you call your country.
    Abacha died living “lavida loca” in a country he loved and doing things he liked. Idi Amin died an alien in a foreign country and running away from shadows. You can only be a Ugandian to want to die an alien (when you just get killed by a child soldier or a landmine in your country anyways) i feel you bro, better to die an alien than that way eh? FOOL isn’t enough to describer your mental state cos it’ll end of making mockery of people who are actually fools. Terry’s 16 year old nephew would have smacked the taste outta your mouth if he was given the chance.
    If you talk of stealing money its alright to hear that cos It really happened, but that should not come from a nation that has bullets as the form of value exchange. You probably dont know what real money looks like dont worry let me have your address and i’ll send you a 20naria note.
    Stop fooling around with us Africa GIANTS and get ur act right before some one notices you and swarts you to death you damn ant.

  94. all u nigerians dats were bad mouthing ofunneka at d beginin can now eat demselfs up as she stands d most chance of winning d money, seeing dat richard and tatiana fans r goin 2 have a head 2 head collission wen it comes to voting the winner.
    Nigerians, beauty is not everything ofunneka was smart she studied d situation at hand first b4 she started 2 play d game and dats wat has kept her in the house till now.
    she has rilly made NIGERIANS proud…she rilly is a great ambassador of her country.

  95. Namo, Namo, Namo….

    Whatever the sh!t your name is, am really disappointed in you.

    Ideally, what the heck are you talking about?
    Besides sheer madness, what else can somebody make of you, i will hope you aint from the Niger Delta, if yeah, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you are exercising this utmost level of imbecility given the fact you live by the gun.
    The point here aint arguing as you wrongly state it, but rather a joggin of the minds, those lads you are talking about and i had our dig at each other, but nothing like a national uproar to draw beasts like you.
    I will say this again, never get jibberish over things you aint sure.

    Enjoy BB and please refrain from drawing me into ill advised tacky arguments.

  96. Omedi,

    I have a job for you ok, come wipe my ass! lol lol lol lol

  97. Robza171, I wonder, I don’t get to see new uncut videos and pics of all housemates. Are you short of pics?

  98. @Neo,

    I haven’t had much time to create screencaps, edit video clips and upload them all to the blog. I do however have many more pics and vids that you will enjoy in the very near future. Also look out for pics and vids of the ‘Moles’ Victor and Ashanti…

  99. Neo,

    Good to hear from you, it took a fool in Namo for you to pluck up the guts and talk to me.

    Anyhow, i believe your job is in bad taste as you seem to sound a bit traumatised, worse for a 45 year old guy.

    Dont you think that you are such a bad influence to society especially to the young that should be looking upto you??

    I will not be taking the job, but it’s interesting for people like you who have done odd jobs in the UK to come back home and share your bad experiences.

    Will only assume that will you were at it, ‘whipping your white boss’ dog’s ass,’ it didnt bite you, because at the sound of it, you seem to have contracted rabbies.

    Good goings for ya big dawg, i hope you are seeing a specialist for the rabbies, otherwise i fear for you, lol

  100. thank own to make us rinse our eyes!
    hey where can i see a lot of tatiana totaly nude or those girls!
    thank for answer

  101. hey , can someone save us from the overgrown babies from Uganda and Nigeria who have been chewing off each other’s heads on this weblog since god knows when!!. i am here to see women butt-naked not to hear ya’ll scream obsecenities at each other.

    having said that, back to you robza, if you dont get us pics of Ashanti naked as soon as possible, i’m gonna start a petition to have this weblog shut down, or atleast the uncut segment, coz you shall have outlined your usefulness. i want to see some ass man, so you better act right.

  102. @collo,

    I like the way that you believe that you’re in control. Catch a wake up dude, cos YOURE NOT! By all means start the petition, it would be rather interesting to see how it pans out. I will even help you start it off: Go here: Firstly, I don’t have the power to make Ashanti undress – she has not showed one bit of skin since she’s been in the house, therefore there’s nothing to post! I know I have said that I would post of the moles, but as yet, they have provided me with very limited material…

  103. hey robza,

    I see you are not a fun of tough love,

    Did u actually believe that I would start a petition of any kind, u must be very gullible. But anyway, I appreciate ur not able to get the twit to undress, but we are glad ur doing ur best. the latest edition of uncut is off the hook.

    ps: is it possible for u to get pics of richiana doin it and offu riding that finger on this segment (uncut) that will be really appreciated.

  104. @collo

    Lol. You’re just one cocky little shit… And i see you’re not aware of my sense of sarcasm. All’s cool. No love is lost. Will be posting more uncut stuff today… I have footage of Richard and Tatiana under the sheets probably doing the do, but missed the whole Saturday drinking binge thingy…

    will have it up sometime – won’t promise when.

    Thanks 4 the support

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