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Group : Girls

Please bookmark this site – as it is now the new home of Big Brother Africa 2 Uncut. This section will not be updated any longer, as the new blog will be in full effect and take its place.

42 Responses to “Group : Girls”

  1. Brilliant site many thanks

  2. This is outrageous! where are our morals?

  3. agree with sooty awesome site

  4. Minister…

    If its so “outrageous” then why did you ignore the “warning” on the ‘uncut’ page, scroll down this page all the way PAST all the ‘immoral’ acts and have the nerve to make a post.

    We have no time for hypocrites here!!! 😦

  5. this is reall bba2
    its gonna be damn exciting
    thanks alot DSTV

  6. Robza,ignore people like Minister.After he has fed his eyes enough. His likes sleeps with the housemaid and go to church on Sunday to preach against such acts.Pervert.

  7. But so you mean you still can’t catch Bertha off guard? You almost did in one of the scenes anyway.Please keep trying.

  8. I love your stuff and anybody who does not like it should heed to the warning and let those whom big brother has every rigth to satisfy enjoy their veiw.Hey big brother, you keep to your word and so far you have not let us down. Keep on the good work.kodus!!

  9. I forgot to wish all the housemate a happy stay in the big brother house and fun filled all the way. May the best person win. With all the luck. Chaw!!

  10. wow when i say wow i mean wow i love this programme the one in Nigeria was rubbish the people their are not real but look at this they are fucking real. For those people that love saying things like this programme is immoral they should go to Hell after viewing their eyes they want to say rubbish things BBA Keep the work going we love you all and for Offunneka am not seeing anything about her in this page his she not pulling her clothes off please am waiting to see her nudity thanks onces again BBA

  11. African women should not be ashamed of their bodies. Girls keep the african flag flying, we love you all.

  12. well i agree with the minister, where our morals??? This is no different from ponos, gush who can marry such exposure, not even u can, u just wana clear yo eyes; be real thank God 4 bertha; meryl is just playing cheap 4 money, no different from a prostitute!!!
    Get them exposed, we c how they can make themselves cheap 4 cash

  13. Hey Robbie, Can we see Bertha? I need to see what that Ho be packing.

  14. Cant u just give us Bertha?Lets see how that mass of flesh behind will look like when bare.

  15. hey, this is real stuff, just wonder how thier reactions will be when they get out and see em selves on this website. Especialy Bertha.
    Bigup BBA2.

  16. Hey Minister, you want the morals, shove up the uncut in your ass.

  17. WTF! Minister what biz do u ave discussing morals here.we dont
    need your damn moral lessons here.

  18. These girls are doing it right. Maureen show us more of senga’s expertise in okutendeka! I believe you were coached well.

  19. Please take this out of Big Africa III and if possible delete these pics.

  20. @Maame…

    If you can’t stand the heat – get the hell outta the kitchen!

  21. Good stuff, keep it updated very regulary. Those photos are daring indeed.

  22. Damn good keep it up.Snap all angles

  23. eh yo, ma fellos dis is it……dis is more like big watching….i smell dem ladies cooking badly……big bro…how about some closer ones..

  24. Lo and Behold!!!!!! here comes my favourite stuff in the BBA house.

  25. wow i like those pictures can u send me more please i really like them

  26. Hi no new pictures?

  27. well,its not fair to evict Meryl just because she is open and crunk……..
    to be honest we gonna miss her lovely body during shower hour

  28. Fun to watch,Sodom and Gomorrah life been introduced in Africa.I forsee doom for the organisers most especially


  30. i need the uncut pictures of bba2 cuold you pls send to my box.i enjoy your show alot

  31. are there no updates this pics are too old

  32. You have stoped making this wonderful sight as interesting as it was. Where are the updates? You promised the Maureen and Code pent house full nudity photos, how long shall we wait? Good job so far.

  33. Good Grief !! seems they don’t know the are being shown on the net butt naked . We need updates please. Keep it comin’

  34. hey biggie can u pliz update us with nu pictures pliz…

  35. what the hell is that blonde doing in BB africa?

  36. what do u know dis is the life.they all dropin it like its HOT

  37. l hadnt checked out all these snaps,they r good
    2 look at but l think africa is not meant 4 that.
    l live in europ where pple go naked but for an
    african gal,l say shame upon u gays,that is silly.

  38. What is meant for Africa? Why the double standard?

  39. Great pictures depending on the side of the fence you are on… globalisation maintains that culture shd be upheld in accordance with place…therefore these galz might have a high mountain to climb simply because they live in Africa…lets hope they redeem themselves

  40. where they are founds they are there in no time. oooooo y now

  41. i need more of this in my mail and facebook wall

  42. Sent me naked pic of lady may and janette

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