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Group : Guys


Please bookmark this site – as it is now the new home of Big Brother Africa 2 Uncut. This section will not be updated any longer, as the new blog will be in full effect and take its place.

9 Responses to “Group : Guys”

  1. may we c mo than butts on this guys, especially maxwell and kwaku.
    give us the ‘stick’

  2. Spoilt natalie.One day u will chew a sick that will be too big for u to swallow.

  3. I have noticed that the “Group: Girls” section is continually being updated but there have been no new group shower videos posted for the “Group:Guys: section since 8/12/07. Where are the new videos?

  4. Hi. The postings are great but the videos of the males seemed to have stopped. Please post more.

  5. Wrong post this looks too gay.Holla minister this where you post your morals topics.i like girls group and mixed group though…

  6. Spare the Rod and spoil Natalie. . .

  7. Hi there,
    Thank you for a good stuff…

    Good Luck

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