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20 Responses to “Lerato”

  1. hey, we are waiting to see da ultimate bb2 finest gal

  2. Lerato is it. Might not be the everyday good girl.She is very suitable for the BBA2.She adds the necessary spice to the show.Another thing that will soon be discovered is that, not only has she got unalloyed belief in herself,she is intelligent and having real fun.Am a Naija man and cannot be accused of any bais.Our own Ofunnneka is not just there.
    Best regards,
    Cynco From Lagos

  3. Cynco u are a psycho. Go get a life.Scram from this place.u are a shame and a disgrace.We all know u are a South African pretending to be a Nigerian.

  4. Hi Padipa,
    It is a little world. bba is not about hurling of insults.I guess it is about entertainment.Am not a South African. My full names are Mazi Cynco Okonkwo from Imo State.Tatiana,kwaku and Richard also thrill me while Ofunneka is not just there.Remain blessed,bros.

  5. Psycho or Cynco go bury your head in shame. Reda my write-up above,no insult was inclusive.I repeat you are a South African.

  6. Psycho or Cynco go bury your head in shame. Read my write-up above,no insult was inclusive except facts.I repeat you are a South African.

  7. Guys,you all should click on Ofunneka and see what Cynco said. This south African may really be a confusionist.

  8. She should be great in bed. her big and wide lips tells everyman what to expect when he ventures into her down parts.

  9. I like lerato, she is needed in the house, she brings the fun. Meryl is bit lost, she just follows lerato and its not working. She is too imature for the show

  10. Lerato has a fun body. If you call that entertainmant then I do not know what entertainmant is. She is one louse cow stuck on to innocent Max. She should leave him alone nowwwww!!!!!

  11. U Kangaroo u mean u ar still there? By da way dis days also i don understand u. Wat z happening wit yo’ tummy. U look scarey dis days, tell us da deal. Is it MAX or da FOOD? Wat z changing yo original drum figure?

  12. cant wait to see her fat ass, she needs to be working out………..she is damn too fat, dang

  13. Lerato,I do understand you.I pray for u but please do not expose your nakedness.

  14. I agree with Cynco Lerato is ok – our Ofunneka is not just there and its not fair on Naija.

  15. I guess all the people who critisize Leratos weight are perfect hey. You know what I find strange, people who are born beautiful almost never say bad things about people less fortunate. So that makes me wonder……are Leratos weight critics suddenly feeling all powerful and their self esteem boosted ….hmmmm

  16. please guys this is not a beauty contest. This is about entertainment. I really do think Lerato is doing well in. I wonder if you saw how she handled Tati and Max yesterday. Make no mistake she can see what is developing there. for me she is strong and representing women well. (despite her minor mistakes) which we all have by the way. Lerato for the +/- R1m


  18. I can view the pictures in the clips with windows media. It is only the audio feed that I get. What could be the problem

  19. Hey
    this is a cool web. Keep it up. I got more clips of Lerato in the Penthouse with Max and much more.

  20. @M Halisi

    Thanks for the support. Could you perhaps upload your clips to the web to share? Which other clips do you have? Do you perhaps have Code and Maureen nude in the Penthouse?! It would be much appreicated!


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