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39 Responses to “Maureen”

  1. go go gal. maureen we luv u. rwnda n uganda

  2. u gonna make it just keep it up. we luv u.

  3. hey nice work u r doin for us.maureen is dope.pliz we want more hot new and NUDE pictures.

  4. Maureen,what a pretty little body.u make me cringe and get goose bumps every tym i c yo nude sweet body

  5. hey maureen,go 4 it gal yo reeally doing it gai!!

  6. Maureen,
    Great shape

  7. Say she’s quite preseved and doesn’t provoke housemate i think she is good for da money .go girl get it now

  8. oh dear maureen i think every body can see it just like the housemates . i dunno if CODe wooed this gal and she declined because he’s the only one who nominated her of all the other eleven commrades. Now i stand here to announce that MAUREEN is everybody’s choice even to the housemateeeeeesssss. A HAND CLAP FOR THAT. LOUDER PLIZ LOUDER. YES THATS GOOD U CAN NOW STOP

  9. Simply da best….keep on goin!

  10. Keep goin gal

  11. Maureen, i know your support grows every day. I am sure u will read this after getting the dime. Atleast u’ve got the support to supplement it.
    Shall u share it with us!!!!! Oooopsssssssss.

  12. Maureen is goin’ on too well en I feel good for a Ugandan perform that good. Keep it up Maureen.

  13. Maureen tap ur cheek for me ur doin’ good

  14. Code’s recent display of lack of respect 4 da Ug petite raises her stakes contrary 2 him.Gud 4u.U go gal

  15. Honey keep it real. the ball is your court, enjoy yourself, and go get tha money

  16. Maureen is a cow to begin with. If she wants any sex outside the house. Any how we need such mad characters in the house. Her nudity is a shame to womanhood.

    BBA house is not for porn.

  17. Maureen yo were real but mambo ya Code !, i dont understand den! But go get da mone.

  18. Hey gal yo Just an Item 2 us Ug’ns! Big upp!!!
    C u back with all da Bucks!!!

  19. All da best Mauren! We need all dat money in ug!!!!!!!

  20. Absolutely perfect is Maureen!! Good luck showty!

  21. It started all so beautiful and now there are no updates anymore 😦 😦

  22. Now thats a serious body Maureen Its the kind make one wanna damn! But I rumours u were nominated for eviction if thats true then they must be mistaken. Ya hot

  23. Kwaheru kwa heru!
    Maureen needs our support guyz. We need to come out at this moment and vote Jeff out as possible as we can.
    Can any one do the needful?


  25. Good sight and good adult photos. Uncut is the bet part of this sight. Keep it updated regulary. This is the only sight we are relying on since we are at work and missing the live shower hour.

  26. cynco, Where do you come from? You’ve done great lately. Keep up. By the way We have to work so hard to have Meryl evicted and then Bertha. Keep up.

  27. maureen, u r doing good,pls continue the bonking spree b’se it’s normal back home in Uganda.But don’t over do it,leave some 4 me!

  28. hi moureen try not 2 do it again in the house. success

  29. OH!!What a sweetbody u got and u’ve been hiding it all this while.Don’t let it go wasted, let somebody have a bite or u are reserving it for me!
    ha!!ha!! ha!!ha!!

  30. we love you maurren you are the best in the house go for it gal.
    we watch you al the time on t.v on the internet,your the boom

  31. we need more update,
    i know you are busy but try and do some update

  32. i think code is destructing our gal.after bertha is off how i wish code is next so that our gal justchanges her game plan

  33. Go go girl !!!!!!!!. Keep it up. You’l make to the top

  34. Go gal pretty Maureen we ve…….BUT am a bit worried that CODE may go away with you lower lip…bse his next to move out

  35. Mau my dia le’me asure u gal u gona make it en bring dat money in our UG dos talking let them talk so long as u know what u are upto im lydia nakazzi working in an NGO in bukoto side en had it been dat em working i would have joined but since u are there i know wiz u every thing is fine coz i have all da trust in u gal friend go get all da bucks see u in uganda wiz all of it

  36. its tyme for you Maureen…to get the money..but plize watch code he ain’t gonna fool you…just fling with the dude…….UG wishes u a good independence celebration

  37. You can make a good bedmate.The uprightness of ur boobs is woow UG isn’t far from Kisumu where i reside come over wonna rub you cool. With bangs like ka paplaa. Jangu you will be all mine(Jrnks

  38. can u be my friend?

  39. maureen is a mad woman….

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