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19 Responses to “Maxwell”

  1. I think max is the most good looking guy in the house.Lerato is a bit to much for him

  2. u r rite , angela. he is good looking and would love to c him nude and on the front side, meeeen he’s well built

  3. i just knew that it would be justice and jeef up for eviction first. They dont seem to fit in with the groups that have been formed in the house.
    Max is still my man, very attractive

  4. i want to see max naked.

  5. Where are those videos of maxwell naked.want to see him facing the camera.

  6. mmmm i guess………. i dont wana c nude coz i mayb all ova him. He can make me forget my ……………

  7. Of the lack I can see in the bulge ; it looks like Max has a small dick ; He is very shy and should become a Man and not a Shy dude ; Very Un African

  8. Maxwell will never show his nudeness on television unless his lost his mind! We Zambians aka (Zedians) are true sons and daughters of the soil brought up with true african culture & values . The only time anyone would ever get a chance to see a nude person in Zambia might be, if someone would meet a crazy person on the streets as in real Mad….. or come across a pervert so called exhibitionist, Leave Max alone, his is a guy with Morals,

    Proudly Zambian. One Zambia One Nation!

  9. i don’t agree with you dear max should show us his naked body. we want to view it, to see if he is realy well build. who knows may be the dick is not there.

  10. How sad that this Zambian call a Exhibitionist a Pervert. I guess they dont have public Gyms in Zambia cause back in South Africa you get Nude Beaches ; Nudity in the Showers without doors , We all Africans from South Africa ; Some African states should catch a awake up.

  11. Damian i guess u dot have morals dats y u r gay hahahahahaha
    bcoz of maxwell good behaviour he stands out; he has made his country proud, i guess zambian r very principled pipo. i hate our represent and i wouldnt like to mention dat name, such embrassment.
    Zambia may not have all dat but they have well built men who r not gays hahahaha

  12. Natalie, that was really uncalled for. Gay people are everywhere, I think its a bit naive of you to think that they are not found in your country.
    Another thing, Liberation does not only mean being free of colonisation but also being free as an individual. Women in some African countries are being treated as objects and they are expected to be submissive. Is that your idea of morality? Maybe I’m getting you all wrong, but I would reaslly appreaciate it if you could respond.

  13. Natalie I hope Maxwell does not dissappoint you. (by the way I am his fan too because I love Lerato). I saw his reaction on Sat when Biggie unexpectedly pointed the camera to him and Tati in the bathroom.I do think he has been enjoying the amount of support because of how he has been treating a “woman” I am deliberately not mentioning the name because I feel it could have been any other woman in the house. I hope he does not allow Tati to ruin his reputation.

  14. Kay, u r not geting the point. Of course gay pipo r everyway but dat does not make it right. Am a christian my Bible does not tell me to have sexual relation with the same sex, heeeel NO NO NO!!!
    I dont support it and i strongly condemn it so dat they stop the practice.
    u get it, huh

  15. Have more for you, Robza … …

    Max’s lukewarm welcome angers minister
    By Penlope Kapambwe

    IN a new twist, Energy Water and Development Deputy Minister, Gaston Sichilima has come out to criticise Zambians for not having welcomed 2007 Zambian Big Brother envoy, Maxwell Chongo despite his efforts to promote Zambia to the outside world.
    Mr Sichilima who yesterday telephoned Times Entertainment to register his displeasure at how Max who enjoyed a good friendship with South African Lerato, received a cold shoulder from Zambian fans who could not even care to welcome him.
    He said Max did his best even to the extent of singing Zambian songs and also explaining Zambia’s lifestyle to his housemates and the rest of the world.
    The deputy minister also said business houses had also been disappointing for not having taken advantage of Max’s arrival to get involved on his arrival and advertise the products and services because the former Big Brother housemate is a celebrity in her own right.
    He singled out Zesco where Max worked before he went into the Big Brother House, MTN and Celtel who benefited from Short Messages Service (SMSs) that were being sent for the reality show as companies that should have done something.
    Although Max could have had his shortfalls in the house, he ended up being evicted from the house because Zambia is the current winner of the first Big Brother if only Cherise Makubale could be remembered for her outstanding African behaviour in the house.
    ‘You know when you are a winner no one will like you and that it is why Africa ganged up and voted our Max out,’ he said.
    He said what Zambians should now think of is how to help Max advance in life because he has talents that all people saw when he succeeded in several tasks that Big Brother gave to the housemates
    And September 18 will go down in history as the day that Max answered hardhitting questions from the Zambian media during a Press briefing at the Holiday Inn in Lusaka following the eviction that some felt was premature.
    Many people have argued that the Zambian housemate had not taken his eviction, as he should have. Several housemates had been through the nomination but none had taken so much offence as did Lerato and Max. Others however feel that Max was not strategic in exercising his authority as head of house.
    They believe that had he saved Meryl, when she was up for eviction against Offuneka and Maureen, the latter would have left the show and Meryl’s vote would have swayed the votes away from him.
    At some point, Max congregated at the garden with his closest friend and made the nominations their focal point of discussion and he was quoted saying ‘This means war!
    After this nominations, the noticeable rift between the two camps who were nicknamed the ‘Untouchables’ (Max, Lerato, Bertha and Kwaku) and the ‘Big Five’ Tatiana, Richard, Code, Maureen and Offuneka) became more evident and the animosity between the two could be felt.
    The ‘ Untouchables’ received many negative comments from some viewers.
    Their attitude towards their nomination was disappointing. Many messages that braced the screens criticised Max for taking the nominations personal disregarding the fact that it was the nature of the game to nominate and be nominated.
    But at the Press briefing, Max acknowledged this flaw in his game plan and the applause that came from the guests was to commend him for realising his mistake and at least being mature enough to publicly declare that his game was not devout of fault.
    Nevertheless, he maintained that his decision to save the Nigerian housemate was proof of his good leadership qualities and objectivity. He based it solely on the fact that Maureen was very close to Code who was his friend, inturn, Kweku was close to Meryl, so he had to take a neutral stance as not to show favouritism.
    Referring to an article that ran in one of the newspapers, that his girlfriend wanted nothing to do with him, Max argued that he had not yet spoken to her and that she had lost her phone so he could not reach her.
    He said that she had supported him entirely before he entered the house and that he still had hope that they could work something out.
    The conversation finally drifted to the South African housemate Lerato and the nature of his relationship with her.
    Max maintained that Lerato was his comfort zone and that their relationship was purely platonic. With his hands joined on the table, he said his heart still belongs to Suli (his girlfriend).


  17. Maxell,

    You were the most entertaining person when you entered the house. What happened? I guess you chose the wrong company, I hope you have learnet a lesson. No one is untouchables we are all equal.

  18. amx did his level best two thumbs up. brenda zambian.

  19. well max made we zambianz proud keep up the spirit good representation!!max i love u so much u are too much..this is perin AKAshaggy the arc angel

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