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34 Responses to “Meryl”

  1. hey gal u look gorgious i wish !!!!!!!! (saliver)

  2. I would bang that

  3. give a break dont make me puke

  4. watching you naked is like watching a horror flick

  5. Stop hating you dudes, this bitch is fly, cant wait to screw her.

  6. It is a pitty for her to show the whole of her naked body.
    Shame goes to her family and boyfriend

  7. I wish Uganda had sent there a male representative. He would have scr*d her by now. Remember Geatano and Abby!

  8. The dudes in bba2 are importent i guess for chrrisake why cant they give meryl wat she needs? I guess she needs some good shagging.Well i get the answer those guys are BOYS and NOT MEN get me on that. Other wise any hot blooded guy would lean her against the wall for a quickie . Yeah joseph a male would have been selected from uganda. anybody doubting sh’d ask the congolese and there gals they can testify. holla.

  9. meryl, meryl, meryl……..
    where’s your dignity. gone are the days of adam and eve!
    girrl cover urself a lil bit.

  10. You look gorgeous gal. I definately have taste that stuff. Looks appetising. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………….

  11. oh meryl, yummy!!!!!!!babe think i could drown in yo wells 4 eternity n shug you like u deserve coz everytime i think of you ma pants go wet. Gal yo so !!!!!!!! wish u cud let me give some !!!!! Cum’on BigBrother board me into the house so i can give her wat she deserves that all those kids have failed.

  12. This girl Meryl is young & beautiful – i simply lv her


  14. meryl is a complete woman, she is cool………

  15. Dear Abbas,[with due respect] would you like your wife or sisters to strip like Meryl?

  16. merly is over doing, she behavs bitchy

  17. she is cool with those hefty hooters.If she had let a little out instead of all the hooters , the impact on people would have been more.she should learnt from Bertha.

  18. what re u trying to trade , remember that it is not suppose to be happened , u re deeming ur reputation and cann you please change all the acting behaviour u are busy with…………

  19. Hey big Brother this babe is hot. Pls put Gaetano back into dat hse so dat we c see some action. Those dudes in there i m informed are castreted.They don’t perfom. Merly I promise u anything 2 b with even just for a night babie. You rock my world.

  20. Haai bigie, i think it is time to tell our girl that she is conna come back home and she will regrete here actions in da house. what a shame to merly, her family, the company she work for and the country she represents in general. is she the only woman in da house or what? ooohhh!!!!!!! try to alter you behaviour , remember the image you potray is not goody.

  21. myryl is absolutely da bomb.i am realy missing her in da house.biggie cant something b done about it?????

  22. Guess what!! I have screwed that pussy before…so appetising,infact very yummy.I can’t for her to come home to continue from where we stopped.

  23. wish i could suck does tits now

  24. so beby stripper,wat was the outcome of all these strippings???.u lost all over,u lost ur dignity,ur pride as a true african young girl,u lost out of the show…honestly u dishaust me and u r a total didgrace.

  25. Hi meryl
    it,s me nelcy iwas at your eviction party and i lenjoy meeting you alot.i also live in namibia .and i amfemale ,ai would like to meet you nelcy as you fan.

  26. Abitsy you are a big liar!Responsible Guys who have dunnit with babes dont go about announcing in the internet. Please be responsible dont go about running pple down.

  27. damn…tht gal is hottt…i sure would bang tht too…mwaaaah.

  28. i real appriciate u can be awiner

  29. Hehehe Girl who is the lucky man. come to kenya we’ll squeeze them out we are good fuckersss. Email me

  30. merly merly…she always was one of those. we had our days 2gether at school…but gone are the days of innocence. Just imagine the whole nam, no the whole world looking at your sh…..But im a devil…so girl you rock

  31. wow nice vid,

    web oficial big brother argentina

  32. Wow. A great relief ! It is good to see female african nudity for a change.

  33. this gal has the most proportionate African womans body fro the BBA2 ladies i have seen here. I guese thats why she flaunts it freely. Tatiana,the model has the skinny models look and thats good for her but anyday anytime, give me the Meryl body and u have made my day:)

  34. l watched bb2 from germany,and gal u r hot,
    l wish l could get ur fon number!!

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