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32 Responses to “Richard”

  1. Tanzanias are not endowed down there.

  2. I pity ricki. Little sausage down there.

  3. I still defo would!!!

  4. Richard showed again this morning as he was dressing up for the exercise session- 6.49CAT . please share?

  5. Another fine and extended sighting of Richard nude this morning during shower hour!

  6. His machine located below the umbrical cord, is big enough and long enough to descipline any sturborn and horny gal like Meryl

  7. Thanks for sharing the video, very nice!

  8. Richard is endowed.The size of the penis doesnt matter.Go Richard.

  9. WOW ; Richard has a really big African cock ; the guys the morning called it a bulldozer ; It seems it was semi erect.He should share it with TATI

  10. when will you post the video of richard’s semi boner???

  11. Yes, I am anxiously awaiting Richard’s semi boner video as well.

  12. ooooooooooh Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss! Love Love Love the update!

  13. Very nice update. Yet, I noticed that none of the “Richard” videos that were posted were related to the preview snapshots that have been posted on other websites which stated that the videoclip would soon be found on this site. The specific clip that I really want to see if the clip of Richard almost completly erect in the shower while singing the song “I Swear” by the American singing group called “Az Yet.” The video is available on the official BBAII website, and the date listed for the video is 08/31/07 and the video is called “Richard Sings.” Although the video is available on the offical site, the quality is not the very best. Will you be posting the video here in your usual fine quality? Thanks again for the new videos πŸ˜‰

  14. @Janet,
    I am aware of the 2 video clips you’ve mentioned. A colleague of mine had posted the screenshots of those scenes on various websites without my knowledge. But do not worry, they are on the way! We have this footage and lots more in our archives, however, we are still having some problems with our encoding software. Once this is sorted out, the vids and accompanying screens captures will be up.

    PS: Did u manage to watch the Friday night UNCUT show?

  15. Thank you for responding. I live in the USA and I do not know if there is a way for me to view the show live. Therefore, I depend on this site and the official site for all updates. Thanks again for the videos of Richard.

  16. I don’t know why people a wondering about Richard’s way of talking shower. Are you people at your home do it while wearing your clothes??????????????????????????????????

    Stop talking non sence he is comfortable that way.

    I like those videos. So nice BB.

  17. What do you mean??

  18. LADIES!!!!
    Some more Richard to drool over once the show is over!
    Lol. πŸ™‚

  19. i don’t think rechard should win any one in accord with me should bip on my fone coz i dont visit the net often.Ofuneka is best

  20. Thank you for videos πŸ˜‰

  21. I think Rechard should win, he has been real and entertaing all through, Ofuneka has been ok to, but I can’t remember a single time that I ever found myself laughing to anything done by her. She’s deffinetely a good house keeper, but is that all she could offer? watching her is just like watching a house girl thats not entertaining.

  22. This is actually for Richard’s sister-Linda.She is a very stupid woman to have said that to Ricki.That shows the kind of upbringing they have in their family.Her younger brother went to the house,did all sorts of rubbish and she had the guts to open the stinking hole in her face to abuse Ricki. No wonder she’s not married cos a responsible woman will never utter such nonsense.Are you all loose dogs in ur family?Is that wot u are telling the whole of Africa?Yes u’ve got the money but u lost ur dignity,ur pride.Go spend the money and make sure u don’t finish it. For wot u said to Ricki,ur marriage will crash so that u will know wot it is like.A pack of bitches.I hope u get to read this,idiot. Reply me if u want

  23. anybody with the ofuneka fingering videos should kindly mail them to Thanks

  24. thanks biggie, i think richy had the best dick. i personnally got horny when i saw him in the pent house with tati… my??? we made love with my hubby big time.

  25. well, well, well,… wat can i say other than richboy is wonderfully endowed, n i guess hes ready 2go anytime the occassion calls 4 it, poor ricky,… i dnt think she can hav that sausage all 2herself eva again!!!


  27. Oh my gosh!!!! Its the first time I see this nude pics of Richard. No wonder Tart could’nt keep her hands off the man. He is gifted down there, what a parcel. His wife is very lucky I must say ugh ugh ugh.

  28. That dick looks delicious, I better go and have a cold shower rite now ooooooooooooooo yum yum. U go Rich.

  29. i read an article on the web while in london on richard dumping tatiana and going back to ricki! somebody please tell me the update or better still, the site to check. thanks. i know from the bottom of my heart that richard and tatiana are ment to be! they are soulmates. ricki is just postponing the inevitable! ricki shuold just let richard go back to tatiana they are destined to be.

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  31. Wanna c the video plz

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