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Housemate 10 : Maureen [Uganda]


Name: Maureen
Age: 27
Birthday: September 5
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Entebbe
Height: 1.65m
Occupation: Fashion Designer

Describing herself as playful, naughty and silly sometimes, Maureen says that going to India to study changed her life. She says that graduating from college in the India was her best achievement because “the culture is so different from mine.”

A fashion designer by trade, she’s coined the term ‘glamassic’ to explain her clothing style which is glamourous and classic. Maureen relaxes by doing yoga, would love to visit New York and watches Formula One racing. She loves reading biographies and her favourite book is the biography A Woman Named Jackie. Speaking about her country Maureen says Ugandans are very welcoming and that the best place to visit in Uganda is Jinja. Maureen loves music by Shania Twain, Celine Dion and Tina Turner. She also loves the TV programs Survivor, Cheaters, Everybody Loves Raymond and Prison Diaries.

35 Responses to “Housemate 10 : Maureen [Uganda]”

  1. Hi We hope this gal will bring the crown to Kampala…show them what ur momma gave you

  2. All the best to Maureen! And to blog author, you must be quite an avid fan, how’d you get this up so fast? The intros were only just being made…do you know sumn we don’t?

  3. She kinda reminds me of Tapuwa Mhere. In looks and if the rumours are anything to go by then in “vavavoom” as well. LOL!

  4. Hi guys, does anyone know any links to watch bba on the internet?

  5. Wow, You look absolutely beautiful! I would like to wish you best of luck. We hope that you will give your best as far as impressing the Big Brother viewers is concerned.

    Good luck girl!


  6. Maureen! Big ups…gae got close …you need to bring that money home. Our surport is Guaranteed!!!


  7. Mau Mau.
    looking good so far. Looks like she will connect with Bertha in the house

  8. Maureen your smile reads a confident lady, please do your best but professionally.

  9. Keep the Ugandan flag high & all the best! Cheers

  10. Dat gal rocks, a combination of beauty n brains, she will definately make an impression on the bba house, keep ur fingers crossed, coz thats wat Ugandans are all about. Best of luck to her.

  11. She is cutie and coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She will show them wat Ugandans can do!
    Wish u the best!

  12. hi,gal just be ur self coz they say akaliba akendo, so don’t be afraid

  13. Best of luck and hope u’ll make Uganda proud.

  14. Hi guys, does anyone know any links to watch bba on the internet?

  15. hi mori we love you and supportu all the way.wat they see is wat they get.u can mke it!!!!!

  16. u looking gud gal now go make that money.

  17. Maureen please keep the flag up. Colleagues, which website can use to get live updates on this shw?

  18. Hi Maureen, remember the whole Pearl of Africa is behind you, so do us proud and show the world that what Winston Churchill said many years ago can come true in that house. Wishing you the best of everything.

  19. Hi gal, with God all things are possible.Wish U the best.

  20. Hi Moe moe,
    wishing u the best of luck! great personality so far.. but pse dont act be yrself! dont fake accents, just do yr thing and outwit them ppo.. dont mind abt the fake bitches, they will get insignificant votes..

  21. Hi Maureen, U luk cute n can make it!!!!!!!! We anticipate gud results. Dont fear. U’ll be de winner like Cherise did.

  22. hi small body,your great personality will make you get the cash! am still waiting for the dances to begin,for you to show africa the yoga dance we were used to at wishes

  23. Hi maureen,try nd be focus,on the rest housemate.Be interactive enough.
    Clay 4rom naija

  24. sweet little thing from uganda u can bring the money to Ug! Jst beat dem. Wen u come back we shall party! Jst know we are watching u this way esp the ………… u know what!

  25. hi gal, bring the money home, good luck


  26. I know she can make, she has all it takes to win the money God bless her and i wish her the beat.

  27. Mo mo,
    as is your new name, we wish you the best and bring that money home. I think that if you be yourself, laugh when it cracks you, cry when it atually get on your nerves (like it did) and take each day at a time. dont let those horny guys get the jackpot. reserve it for you man. Give in only when you heart desires and not because you think it will get you the money. we love you and keep on that smile; its a great weapon you got.

  28. Hi Babe You got to put in a lot of effort show them that Uganda is really the “pearl of Africa” But dont be a bad girl remember you are watched by all

  29. Hi Babe You got to put in a lot of effort show them that Uganda is really the “pearl of Africa” But dont be a bad girl remember you are watched by all

  30. you look like vivica a fox!coming from me thats a compliment girl!

  31. Mau plz, plz, don’t do what a Ugandan lady wouldn’t do just show them that Uganda has respectable ladies and it is above all African countries.

  32. hi mau wish u luck, be a dignified lady most of all be urself

  33. Mau, Code is playing games on you. Reserve some secret chambers about your life experiences.Same info wil b uzd against u & beware of Bertha. She wants Code.

  34. tray but dont sleep

  35. Maureen, MY Gaurdian Angel*

    HI! Are ALL the ladies in Uganda as BEAUTIFUL as YOU!!! YOU must be the ONE & only African Queen or Uganda Angel.!. I wish your days & nights be good & all your dreams come TRUE… Take Care & Always SMILE… 🙂

    Love American King

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